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AGCNN Online Training Programs Certificate Course

Under this, you get the opportunity to do different types of training programs / courses. Today we all know that it is most important to have self-confidence to make career in any field, but even today we feel this lack in ourselves to some extent. AGCNN Training Program is a simple powerful medium to fill this lack of confidence, which is providing us an opportunity to fill this gap. That will be able to play an important role in making your life better and successful. Under this program, you are given training to improve yourself as a good effective speaker and many programs coming under this category like Radio Anchoring, TV Anchoring, Voice Over Artist, Live Stage Performance, News Presentation, News Reporting etc. Along with, training programs in Camera Handling, Video Editing, Photoshop, Journalism, Sanskrit language, Architecture, Astrology, Film Acting and other necessary subjects are organized from time to time. These training programs can be online, offline or both.

These training programs are carried out through subject area experts and you are given special proficiency in the relevant field. These special courses have been developed keeping in mind your need in such a way that you can get specialized knowledge related to the subject in the shortest possible time. In this training program every day you will have online/offline classes for limited number of days at a fixed time. In which efforts are made to improve you through continuous guidance and daily practice sessions by an expert in the relevant field.


Objective of Online Training Program:


Confidence is the first step in life without crossing which you cannot touch success. Success is also for those whose self-confidence is strong. And the hardest thing in life is to present your point effectively which depends on your clear and strong intentions. It is said that no matter how knowledgeable a person is, that knowledge is not successful unless you can effectively transmit it to others, unless your knowledge is benefited by others, you will not benefit from it. It is often seen that due to low confidence, practice and limited skills, people are not able to keep their point in a better way. The main objective of the AGCNN Training Program is to develop the personality and the talent of speech in any person.


Recognition of Training Program:


After completing the online/offline training program, you will be awarded a certificate by Agastya Voice and Infotainment Services Private Limited (AVIS).

It is a legally established professional institution of India. Its Registered (Registration No.- CIN-U74999MP2017PTC042184, PAN No.- PAN- AAPCA1066Q, GST No. GST-23AAPCA1066Q1ZA) Office at Plot No. 121, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, Vandana Nagar, Amkhera Road, Gohalpur, Pin- 482001,


Online Training Program Deadline:


Under the AGCNN Training Program, almost all the training programs are run for a limited number of days but still the time limit of any program may change from time to time. Therefore, whenever a training program starts, all kinds of information related to it is given, by studying which you can get complete information about the related training program.


Benefits of Online Training Program:


Every path that guides our life is beneficial for us, but our real identity is the successful attempt to express ourselves. Confidence fuels our knowledge and our aspirations from any inspiring story/event. This training program is important for us as follows-


  • Facility of Online / Offline Training Program at low cost.
  • Benefit of direct contact with subject experts.
  • Helpful to making a better career.
  • To be aware of new information and ancient knowledge related to the subject.
  • Being aware of future changes in advance.


How to apply?

You have to apply to take admission in any subject (course) of AGCNN Training Program. First of all download the application form given below. After that fill the relevant information completely in the given form and mail us. You can also print and fill out the form, mail it to us or send it directly by filling the doc file.

Note: Please note that a candidate has to apply separately for admission to two or more courses.



  • Do not leave any information asked in the form incomplete, fill it completely.
  • The relevant subject (for which you have to apply) must be filled in the application form.
  • Must mail your passport size photograph with the form.
  • Must mail the details/receipt of payment/deposit made along with the application.


Terms and Conditions


To join the AGCNN Training Program, you will be required to follow the following terms and conditions-

  • The link provided by the AGCNN Training Program is only for you. Please take care of its privacy; it will be for your use only.
  • If someone else under your fake name joins the training, you will be responsible for it.
  • Any course can be started only when there is enrollment in at least 10 seats in that course.
  • It is mandatory for all the applicants to appear in all the classes and examinations related to the course. In no case can the applicant's classes or examination be taken separately.
  • It will be necessary to follow all the rules prescribed for the AGCNN Training Program.
  • In case of any dispute AVIS- Agastya Voice And Infotainment Services Private Limited reserves the right to cancel/refuse your registration at any time.
  • In any event, AVIS- Agastya Voice And Infotainment Services Private Limited reserves the right to cancel any course without assigning any reason.
  • In case of any dispute the final decision is reserved with AVIS- Agastya Voice And Infotainment Services Private Limited.

The settlement of any claim or dispute will be subject to the jurisdiction of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

AGCNN Online Training Programs Certificate Course